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Fall Cleanup – taking care of your largest investment

For many of us, our home is the largest investment we have. So why don’t we care for it as such? Well – it is complicated. And overwhelming. However, there are a few things you should absolutely make sure to do as the weather cools down and we head into fall!

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You can find a million and one checklists online for fall maintenance, but which items are the bare-bones minimum? Here is my list:

Winterize those sprinklers!

Our first year in our first home, we forgot to winterize the sprinklers. It was bad, and it could’ve been worse. They burst, and water gushed everywhere including seeping into our basement wall. It cost us a LOT of money to fix in the spring. It would have cost $60 to take care of in October. Many HOA’s will have one company come out and offer signups to the neighborhood to get a reduced rate.

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Change the setting on your humidifier!

Your furnace probably has a humidifier with summer and winter settings. Make sure you change the setting over to winter as soon as you kick on the furnace! The dry heat the furnace puts out wreaks havoc on your skin, and can cause headaches and general discomfort for those easily effected by changes in humidity. The winter setting acts as a humidifier to put some moisture back into the air – so use it!

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Care for your Landscaping

It is often overlooked once the weather cools down, but fall is a great time to get ready for a beautifully landscaped Spring! Trim trees, remove unwanted plants, rake leaves, and clean out gutters and downspouts of leaves, dirt and other debris. Having a professional come out to make sure all your trees and shrubs are healthy going into winter is also a good idea at this time!

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Take a look around Outside

The outside of your home needs to get winter-ready as well! Check the roof, siding and foundation for any issues that could worsen or cause damage over the winter. Seal any gaps where unwanted critters or bugs might get in. Make sure to also check railings for sturdiness, the driveway for cracks you might trip in when covered in snow, and stairs for any potential hazards as well!

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Schedule a chimney cleaning and HVAC maintenance

This will ensure that when you start using them for the winter, they are in the best shape possible! No one wants their furnace to die on the coldest day of the year (not that any other time is great either…). If you are new to a chimney, be sure to add a chimney cap to prevent critters from crawling down into your home!


After over a decade in the wedding and event industry both planning and designing gorgeous events, I made the decision to join the Reinhart team as a realtor. I was drawn to the real estate industry because of a passion for design and for helping people figure out that next big step in their lives. Not everyone has the ability to visualize what a space can become - and it's something I have spent over a decade doing. Whether you're looking to transition to your future home or staging your current home, I am able to help you visualize the potential of the space.

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