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Get Spring-Market Ready!

I have several clients right now getting their homes ready to sell. Consider it a massive Spring cleaning – you will have less to do later and attract more buyers in the process. Check out the above video for a few tips and tricks!

As an agent and Certified Staging Consultant (CSC), I love walking you through your home and pointing out the most beneficial updates you can make. In the current market, it is important to get your home as move-in ready as possible. It helps get buyers through the door, and may result in multiple offers right away rather than waiting for action.

Listing Your Home with an Agent

Why is listing your home with an agent important? Well, if you are used to doing things on your own it might be tempting to try a For Sale by Owner. However, there is a lot of work ahead of you and it often doesn’t pay off. On average, a FSBO sells 10% under what a listed house does. Your commission to an agent will undoubtedly be less than 10% – and you are assured much greater exposure!

Listing first thing this spring

What if you miss the Spring market? Well, it’s not the end of the world. Depending upon when you are looking to move, it might actually be beneficial because you can spend late spring and/or early summer packing up and getting things out. You might make slightly less on your home as the months go on, but you’ll also potentially be able to buy your next home at a lower price.

Working with Ana Skidmore, Realtor

What is it like to work with me specifically? I have a background in design and planning, so visualizing what a home can be is one of my specialties. I am a team player and want to guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible, so we reach the closing table happily excited. I am very active on social media, meaning that in addition to the Reinhart benefits you’ll receive, your home will also be visible through Facebook, Instagram and my blog.

Thank you for your future business, I look forward to working with you!

Ana Skidmore

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