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A Homeowner’s New Year’s Resolutions

It's almost here - another year gone by and a new one on the horizon. Here are a few new year's resolutions that might be on your list! 

It’s almost here – another year gone by and a new one on the horizon. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is little time for projects around the house. However, you might have some plans for 2019 – is it the year you renovate the kitchen? Will you be painting some walls? Or is it time to get that much needed upgrade to your hot water heater so you can shower for longer than a few precious minutes? Here are a few new year’s resolutions that might be on your list!

Seal & Tighten those Windows

Was your electric bill a lot higher than normal last month? Have you been feeling some drafts coming through? It is important to check your window cranks and tighten them if necessary, as well as re-caulk the seals every once in a while. This will help make sure they last as long as possible and function properly. If you’re thinking about selling, it will deter buyers if they think they might need to replace the windows soon!

Upgrade to LED Lighting

You will save a significant amount of energy by switching all your bulbs to LED lights. They consume 80% less energy, reduce overall CO2 emissions, and in turn reduce your carbon footprint.

Add a Filter to your Sink

Have you been buying bottled water for years because you don’t like the taste of your water? Do you have mineral build-up in your coffee maker? There is a quick fix, and it can be very affordable! Adding a reverse osmosis filter under your sink will save money in the long run if bottles are your thing, and it will help ensure that the water you’re drinking is as safe as possible.

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Check for Leaks

No matter how long you plan to stay in your house, you absolutely want to avoid water damage! Check underneath sinks periodically to make sure you don’t have leaky pipes. It’s also a good idea to look behind your washer, fridge, and dishwasher. Periodically set a calendar notification to check the furnace and hot water heater as well as any basement windows as well.

Get your Furnace (and A/C) a Check-up

Annual check-ups for these very costly items will ensure they last as long as possible, and will be a bonus for future buyers. Rust builds up over time, and things that are a quick fix now might become a replacement expense later.

Test the Smoke Detectors

Each month: check your smoke detectors! You should also replace the batteries annually (tax day is a good reminder!). If you have carbon monoxide detectors (which you should on each floor of your home), check those as well.

Check your Attic

When is the last time you visited your attic? Periodic inspection can nip costly fixes in the butt; roof leaks, bats and rodents, insulation issues…

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Get Ready for Spring

I know, I know – it’s barely winter. However, making a plan for Spring is always a happy way to get through the cold! Plan your garden or landscape updates, get your weed and pest management solution figured out, and budget for any upgrades you are planning in the warmer months so you are ready to hit the ground running.


If you are planning to sell your house EVER in the future, it is wise to keep clutter to a minimum. Why? Because it is hugely overwhelming to do it all at once. It is also beneficial mentally to reduce clutter in your home. There is less to pile up, less to worry about, and less to have to deal with if you own less in general.

Freshen up your Look

When you walk into your home, does it scream 2004? If you feel like things have become dated, there are many low-cost ways to spruce them up. Changing out light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and hardware can make a world of difference. So can a few cans of paint! Bust out some grubby old clothes and put some sweat equity into your home – either for you to enjoy, or to enjoy the resale value it adds!

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