Washtenaw County

Top Locations for Holiday Photos – DXA2

Christmas pictures in Dexter
  1. At Home
    • Especially with little ones, this can be the easiest solution by far! Need new clothes? Check! Need the bathroom? It’s right there! It can also be a fun “we moved” photo op if you have recently bought a home. You will need to find a photographer that travels, and make sure everyone is well fed and rested prior to the session to make the best use of your time.2017treefarm-1001
  2. In a Photographer’s Studio
    • Especially for the holidays, photographers offer mini-sessions in their studio for a great price, and the backdrops are typically well curated for the season. This might be your most cost effective option while still getting professional quality photos. Schedule the one below by clicking here!45344843_1563101537122738_5058472439525146624_o
  3. The Christmas Tree Lot
    • How fun to be surrounded by trees, ready to pick pr cut your very own, with the whole family in tow?! While definitely not for the feint of heart, this can make for a very unique Christmas picture to send out to family and friends!2017treefarm-1063
  4. A local park
    • Let the kids/animals run around and play! Natural lighting and free range photos can be a lot easier than your typical formal groupings. No need to all say cheese at the same time, this one will be an adventure! 2017treefarm-1057
  5. Downtown
    • Wherever you live, the downtown area is a great place for photos. There is a lot of action to distract kids once they become fatigued, lots of different backdrops and angles, and a fun atmosphere! AGL_7215
  6. At an Event (with a backdrop)
    • A lot of events have backdrops for photos – and often a professional photographer is manning them. You might only get 1-2 photos, so give it your best shot and maybe it’ll be good enough for this year’s card! img_2309
  7. At a Party
    • Parties are a great place for a holiday photo, because you’re already all dressed up! Weddings, winter galas, fundraisers… all great opportunities to get that perfect photo of you and your partner all dolled up.

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