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Home Staging to Sell

How do I get my home ready to sell? It is a question asked by anyone considering listing their home. Staging is the best way to maximize what you get out of your home!

Staging a home to sell is very different from decorating a home to fit your taste. In decorating, you are infusing personality into a space to make it yours. In staging, you are removing personality from a space. This is important because in de-personalizing, any buyer can picture themselves in that space.

Staging is a great time to start pre-packing! Remove items that you won’t need during the sales process, like photos and memorabilia. This will help make packing easier once it’s time to move as well. Remove excess items (you don’t need three sets of dishes out) and pack up the clothing for the previous season because you’ll be in your new house by the time you need it again!

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Items to consider when staging

Storage is a big check on buyers’ lists – they want to make sure their new home will have enough of it. A good rule of thumb is to keep storage areas at a maximum of half-full. It will give buyers the impression that the home has plenty of storage for their needs, with room to grow!

Make sure you also stage the outside! Curb appeal is a big deal, and no one wants the least kept house on the block. At this time of year, you’ll want to get things ready for winter. Pack up warm-weather items and put them in storage for your new home. Add some mums for a little color. Keep leaves raked and trim back dead annuals.

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How can a Realtor help with staging?

I love to help my clients with their staging needs. Using items you already own, we will make sure to maximize your home’s value by making rooms appear as useful, updated and clean as possible. We will walk through each room one by one, mapping out a plan of attack so you are ready to list!

If you are thinking about listing your home in the new year, now is the time to begin the prep work. Yes – the holidays are a busy time of year! You can start the planning and work a little at a time so that when January 1st comes around, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Give me a call today at 734-709-6656 or send an email to I would love to pop by your home and talk through all your options when it comes to getting your home ready to sell!

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After over a decade in the wedding and event industry both planning and designing gorgeous events, I made the decision to join the Reinhart team as a realtor. I was drawn to the real estate industry because of a passion for design and for helping people figure out that next big step in their lives. Not everyone has the ability to visualize what a space can become - and it's something I have spent over a decade doing. Whether you're looking to transition to your future home or staging your current home, I am able to help you visualize the potential of the space.

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