Washtenaw County

Choosing Your Neighborhood

Moving to Chelsea, MI

One of the biggest decisions after you have made up your mind that it’s the right time to move is WHERE to actually move TO! Even if you’re staying in the same town or city, it might be a new neighborhood that appeals to you. How do you make that decision? First, call your Realtor!

Neighborhoods in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is full of fabulous neighborhoods, all of which have their own charm. Driving around in the evening and on weekends will give you a good glimpse into what each neighborhood is like, but don’t hesitate to stop and chat! Neighbors love telling you about where they live and why.

If easy access to downtown is a big deal for you, make sure to actually park in the surrounding neighborhoods and walk. It might look close on paper, but if it’s uphill both ways you might change your mind pretty quickly! Some streets are busier than others too, which might be a factor in your decision.

Look at which parks are nearby, grocery stores, gas stations and if you have kids it might be good to meet with or read up on the different schools. There are many places online to find out great information – and what matters to you might not matter to someone else! Get lots of opinions, but in the end make a decision that feels right for you.

Move to Ann Arbor, MI

Neighborhoods in the rest of Washtenaw County

Ann Arbor has dozens of distinct neighborhood pockets; but the rest of the cities and towns in Washtenaw County have their own personalities as well – just on a smaller scale. The various sub-divisions often have their own feel, so chatting with the neighbors that live there might give you a good sense of what it’s like day to day. If you are looking in a downtown area or off a main road rather than a sub, it might be harder to figure out.

All of these factors will influence the price of your new home as well – so make sure to discuss your wish list with your Realtor! There are so many things to think through, and it is good to have someone on your side to help navigate the options and find the best home for you. In the end, you will probably need to compromise on something to get into your next home. Working with a professional will minimize that as much as possible and make the process a much more enjoyable one!

Living in Dexter, MINaming the Neighborhoods

In case you want to venture out on your quest, here are some of the neighborhoods you might run into in Ann Arbor:

  • Kerrytown
  • Eberwhite
  • Water Hill
  • Old West Side
  • Allmendinger Heights
  • Germantown
  • North Burns Park
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Garden Homes
  • Upper Water Hill
  • Lower Burns Park
  • Wildwood Park

In Dexter, you’ll find areas like:

  • Huron Farms
  • Brass Creek
  • Thornton Farms
  • Fox Ridge
  • Webster Hills
  • Dexter Crossing
  • Loch Alpine
  • Quail Ridge
  • The Preserve
  • Westridge

Moving to Ypsilanti, MI

Neighborhoods in Ypsilanti include:

  • Bromley Park
  • Brookside
  • College Heights
  • Creekside Village
  • Glennborough
  • Greene Farms
  • Lincoln Pines
  • Millpointe-Streamwood
  • Paint Creek
  • West Willow

Moving to Saline, MI

In Saline, you’ll see these quite often:

  • Austin Commons
  • Brookview Highlands
  • Centennial Park/Farms
  • Hunters Ridge
  • Huntington Woods
  • Lohr Lake/Woods
  • Rolling Hills
  • Saline Valley Farms
  • Old Creek
  • Stonebridge
  • Arboretum
  • Travis Pointe
  • Thistle Down
  • Wildwood Commons
  • York Meadows/Place/Woods

I would love to help you navigate all the neighborhoods you might be interested in – give me a call today at 734-709-6656!

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