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Decorating for Fall

Everyone’s heard about Spring cleaning, but my favorite time for a big purge and cleanup is in the fall. As the holidays approach, I need room to put out all the seasonal decor, so it makes sense to sift through and weed out. This post features all the lovely Pottery Barn decor in case you’re in the mood to shop!

Decorating your front door

The first thing people see when they come to your house is your front door. Make it shine! Adding a wreath and/or garland goes a long way, and it’s easy to switch out for the season. Make sure the light bulbs haven’t burnt out, and sweep it off to keep things nice and neat. If you have steps, add a few pumpkins and lanterns to enhance the walk up to the door. Remove any dead or dying summer plants, add some mums and voila!

Set the table

A nice thing about having a separate dining room is that you can leave the dining table permanently set. It makes for a great focal point for seasonal decor, and that way you have one less thing to worry about when guests do stop by! You can go all out with seasonal dishes, or stick to one signature piece per place setting that gets switched out with the passing holidays. Add a centerpiece that will last for lower maintenance, and have your serving pieces ready to go (they probably need a quick dusting at least)!

Don’t forget the mantle

If your home has a mantle, use it to add to the decor! I always store the photos that usually live there away in the seasonal bins – that way when you pack the season back up, the photos are right there to put in place again. A fall vignette would be great on a mantle, out of reach from kids, pets and otherwise naughty guests.

Spread the love

Usually I add touches of each holiday around the entire first floor of my home. Spread it out to keep everyone in a festive spirit! A few seasonal dish towels make the kitchen feel like it’s part of the love, as well as some decor mid-island if you have one. Burn a pumpkin spice candle and switch out a few photos with fall-themed signs. Add some decals to the bathroom mirror (easy to remove and clean later!). Switch out some of your neutral couch pillow cushions with the appropriate theme as well, and you’re ready to host!

Selling a home during the holidays?

If you happen to have your house on the market during the holidays, help it stand out by welcoming buyers with some sights & smells that help them envision their holidays there. Remove family photos and use seasonal pictures instead. Making it feel like home (not just YOUR home) goes a long way as well!

After over a decade in the wedding and event industry both planning and designing gorgeous events, I made the decision to join the Reinhart team as a realtor. I was drawn to the real estate industry because of a passion for design and for helping people figure out that next big step in their lives. Not everyone has the ability to visualize what a space can become - and it's something I have spent over a decade doing. Whether you're looking to transition to your future home or staging your current home, I am able to help you visualize the potential of the space.

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