Washtenaw County

What’s in Washtenaw?

Since the title of this blog is “Living in Washtenaw County”, I thought it might be fun to explore the towns that are within this lovely part of southeast Michigan.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is probably the city that first comes to mind – since it is home to one of the best universities in the country: The University of Michigan. Go Blue! I came to Ann Arbor for the University, and stayed in the area because I truly love the city and surrounding communities.


Another University town with it’s own eclectic vibe is Ypsilanti, MI. Here you’ll find the Eastern Eagles. While they haven’t been able to compete much on the football field, the University is a great place for teachers, as well as anyone going into hospitality, aviation majors and several other specialty fields. My favorite Ypsilanti store features unicorns and will be the topic of another post!


I live in Dexter, MI which is just west of Ann Arbor. Dexter is technically a city, but with under 5,000 residents it feels like a small town. Dexter has lots of new construction going on right now to bring more residents to the downtown area, as well as larger subs on the outskirts of town. Dexter is home to many fun events, like Dexter Daze, a plain air festival, and a great Memorial Day parade.


West again you’ll find Chelsea, MI which is famous for being home to Jiffy (cornbread muffins and so much more!) as well as the Purple Rose Theater. I love eating at the Common Grill on special occasions, and the shopping is lots of fun. Lake living is abundant in Chelsea, and many second homes can be found on the various lakes around town. Including Jeff Daniels’!


To the south of Ann Arbor you hit Saline, MI. About 9,000 people call Saline home. You will find many events here throughout the year, but the annual Celtic Festival is probably the best known in the area. Saline also has a lot of new construction going on, with entire sub-divisions currently in progress as an option as you’re looking for new homes in the area.


A growing city of 5,700, Milan straddles the Washtenaw/Monroe County line, providing its residents with ready access to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Monroe, greater Detroit, and Toledo, Ohio.  Founded in 1831 as an agricultural community, Milan has evolved into a community of small business owners and professionals working in other locations.


Manchester, a village of 2,200 people, is located in southwestern Washtenaw County, about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, along the banks of the River Raisin.  Manchester offers pleasant small town living, and features a number of special events through the year, including the renowned chicken broil and annual Riverfolk Festival, as well as evening concerts at the gazebo downtown throughout the summer months.

In addition to these, Whitmore Lake and Grass Lake straddle Washtenaw County and neighboring counties.



After over a decade in the wedding and event industry both planning and designing gorgeous events, I made the decision to join the Reinhart team as a realtor. I was drawn to the real estate industry because of a passion for design and for helping people figure out that next big step in their lives. Not everyone has the ability to visualize what a space can become - and it's something I have spent over a decade doing. Whether you're looking to transition to your future home or staging your current home, I am able to help you visualize the potential of the space.

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